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"Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s important that you do it." - Gandhi (via psych-facts)
My summer sunset. #Vietnam #Saigon  (at Home)

My summer sunset. #Vietnam #Saigon (at Home)

# saigon# vietnam
Should’ve known to never depend on a 3 year old to take a photo. #stillworthamillionwords #FOE #vietnamliving  (at coffee village)

Should’ve known to never depend on a 3 year old to take a photo. #stillworthamillionwords #FOE #vietnamliving (at coffee village)

# foe# stillworthamillionwords# vietnamliving
Because there’s never enough chairs in a Vietnamese house. #vietnamliving #DaLat  (at Ngã 3 Phi Nôm)

Because there’s never enough chairs in a Vietnamese house. #vietnamliving #DaLat (at Ngã 3 Phi Nôm)

# dalat# vietnamliving
Got my Starbucks cups! 😁 #collection #souvenir  (at Starbuck Coffee Nguyen Du)

Got my Starbucks cups! 😁 #collection #souvenir (at Starbuck Coffee Nguyen Du)

# collection# souvenir
Vietnam Day 2.

September 1.

Not even 24 hours in the country and we’re already back at the airport… Flying out to the countryside! It was either take the 30 minute plane ride or 6-8 hour bus ride… Plane please.

Any who, we got to the airport super early! I mean like the standard two hours… It’s a domestic flight, no reason to be at the airport that early, but apparently if you don’t show up within a certain time frame then they could sale your seat…? What the… The airport was super weird! We has to load on to a bus, walk on the Tarmac and then hop on the plane via ghetto stairway. Lol when we got on the plane, you could literally see the air conditioning. It was THAT hot.

For some reason, when we were flying, the flight seemed hella long. I guess it’s cause we just spent the good amount of a day on a plane and thing like it would just feel like the same, regardless of the time.

I forgot to mention in the first post that I got greeted by my favorite uncle! I love this man! He’s so awesome and so accepting of everything I do!

Moving on, when we landed we waited for our driver, who turned out to be my cousin! Apparently he works for the taxi company and makes decent money. Good for him! We drove to my grandmas house and everything is the same as I remembered! We just have a huger farm but that’s about it. I wish I took pictures but I forgot. Shame on me.

After that we went out to the city to just hangout at my auntie’s restaurant! I’m forever pleased by the pho.

During the afternoon, we went to the bigger city near by and did a little shopping. It was weird cause the restaurants were literally sandwiched between two floors of shopping. The shopping area itself was pretty old fashion. Enough if that. The food was pretty awesome… I’m literally drooling just thinking about it…. I’m sad cause I forgot what it was called. Lol

Anywho, the rest of the night was alright, just a bunch of hanging out.

Vietnam Day 1

August 31.

I always forget that the first 24 anywhere is always the most hectic. Constantly running around, making sure everything is where it needs to be, adjusting to the weather, ect. Glad it’s over. So tiring.

The first 14 hours of the trip was just flying. It’s so hard to go to sleep when you have to do it in a sitting position. The plane food was alright, as always. Something that I did learn was that I should abuse the drink cart. Swear that they have unlimited drinks!! Forever hydrated.

When we landed it was great cause there were people there who we could pay to get our stuff. Thank god cause those boxes were heavy as fuck. 60 pounds EACH. My back hurted for a good two days.

Something that I did find fucked up was that you has to bribe immigration. Like wtf, thought they weren’t communist anymore but I guess not… Anywho. My mom had to slip them 5 bucks for each passport to not be hassled. Smh.

Moving on, when we got to the loading area, we had no problem finding our cousins! They always come as a group! It’s awesome! Ngocs family was there too cause I had a box for them. I can’t believe that I still recognize them after all this time. They’re as sweet as ever.

After the airport we headed to my cousins house where we kinda chilled the fuck out… My god I was so tired. We didn’t do much except go food shopping and prepared a huge dinner for like 15 people. NBD. We also got to crack open my bottle of Johnnie Walker! Got all them bitches drunk. Jk. They didn’t get that drunk. They drink too slow to get drunk. Constantly eating and drinking. Why can’t they just do one without the other?! First world problems. It was fun tho. Love these dinners. Surrounded by so much family.

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