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Q.T.T. #245

August 19.

Don’t ever ask for my help if you already know that I already disapprove of what you’re doing. It’s like asking any normal person, “Hey, would you like to be an accessory to murder?” I’m pretty sure that they would say, “No.”

So my bro and his gf broke up about 2 - 3 weeks ago? And he was a little depressed for a bit and it was totally understandable because he spend a good year with her and most of the time she actually lived with us and got really close to the family. She’s actually the reason why my bro and I even talk to each other like normal people. Anywho, he would obey her every demand like to not have friend, go out, get her tea, ect and it was actually pretty bad for him, but he did it cause he was loyal to her. When she left he wasn’t like that anymore, he SEEMED stronger, motivated, and more willed to keep things the way they were even with her not around. I applaud that. UNTIL I found out he’s currently doing something beyond stupid and asked for my help.

So even thought she broke up with him and greezed him and has completely moved on to the next and is even publicly dating her current boyfriend, she’s still seeing my bro on the side. Three words for you, WHAT. THE. FUCK. I’ve asked my bro countless times why he’s still hanging around her and he said that they’re still friends… Alright, so does her current boyfriend know that you guys are still chilling and that you sleepover? Yeah, I don’t think so. I ask him if he cared that he was helping her cheat on her new genuine boyfriend and he said that he doesn’t care and that it’s not his problem.. Uhhh, bitch. It’s totally your problem, you’re the problem. His logic is that if she doesn’t want to tell her current boyfriend then its shame on her, not him.

Do these people have no morals or values? Don’t they see the wrong in what they’re doing. I feel bad for her current boyfriend cause this guys is clueless to what is happening. I’ve met him once and he actually seems pretty normal with his head on straight and everything. But I guess this is when you should always check who you get into bed with. Not saying that you should always doubt your partner, but make sure you know enough about them and their history.

To my actual point. So I’ve been warning my bro that there is no good coming out of hanging with her still, but he goes against my warnings anyways. Last night he slept over at her places for the nth time and I seriously don’t care anymore. But this time he took her to work with her car and took her car home with him.. Meaning that my car is still at her place…. What the fuck. Where the fuck is my car. Don’t fucking leave my car at someones place, especially someone you know I don’t approve of. My bro actually had the nerve to ask me to help him go get my car… Uhhhhhhh bitch, you get it yourself. You dug your own hole. What would’ve been logical for me was that you both drove your own dam car, why the fuck are you guys carpooling if you guys aren’t even heading the same way. Dafuq.

I’m just pissed cause I disapprove of their whole relationship. Could you imagine someone like me who believes in honesty, trust, and loyalty in a relationship to help people who are out to destroy innocent people who get caught in their games. No thank you. 

I don’t see a happy ending for either of them and I honestly don’t care. You can only beat a dead horse so many times. 

"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take." - TheDailyPositive.com (via thedailypozitive)
"Some things don’t last forever, but some things do. Like a good song, or a good book, or a good memory you can take out and unfold in your darkest times, pressing down on the corners and peering in close, hoping you still recognize the person you see there." - Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby (via kushandwizdom)


i can’t wait for my grandchildren to wish they lived in the era of beyoncé

(via oknope)

Q.T.T. $254 Part 1 

August 1.

"Wake up, wake up, it’s the first of the month.."

Anywho, Beyonce and J-Zay have been on tour since the beginning of the summer, I even remember the day that their tickets went on sale! So much excitement! I really didn’t know if I was going to go cause there was no one that I was close enough to go with so I didn’t buy tickets. When the days near for their stop in Seattle, I still didn’t have tickets and was kind of getting bummed out cause everyone was literally talking about it.

Beyonce is one of the few that I would ever want to see in concert. The others would be Usher and Justin Timberlake. Other than that I would literally pass at the thought and go on with my life.

So the day came and I was kind of already moody, not cause I wasn’t going, but just cause. Ngoc wasn’t helping because he was being extra irritating. Like I would tell him to stop doing something but he would keep doing it. Anywho, the day was pretty normal, but he wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate our 5 years, so I agreed. He took me home and I changed and as we were in the car he flashed the tickets that he bought online for the concert. I kinda freaked out. I kept telling him to stop playing with me cause it wasn’t funny. I was going to cry if he told me that he was pulling my leg.

I kept yelling at him cause I thought it was some sick joke. I got quiet and he was like, “What time do we need to get there if the concert starts at 8?” I kept telling hm that I didn’t know cause I didn’t read the event page at all cause I thought I wasn’t going. 

When we were getting dinner he kept joking about how funny it would be if he was just pulling my leg. I honestly wouldn’t talk to him for days if he did that.

After dinner we were heading to Safeco field and he kept with the jokes and I was kind of afraid that it was one big joke, but then I thought to myself that he wouldn’t go as far as walking all the way to Safeco just to pull my leg. That when I knew it was a dream come true! WE WERE GOING TO THE BEYONCE CONCERT!! I couldn’t help but squeal into his ear. lol

I literally could not contain my excitement. Here people spend hours planing out their outfits and here I was just happy that I was going. I honestly didn’t think that I was going. My god.


Q.T.T. #254 Part 2

August 1.

I was honestly surprised that we went.

1. He doesn’t even listen to Beyonce like that.

2. He doesn’t like crowds.

3. It’s not like him to surprise me like that

We’ve been dating for 5 years and he has tried to surprise me multiple times and has failed to surprise me almost every time. I would always catch on and foil it for him. LOLL So for him to do this for me was amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

I think he’s finally catching on to my preferences! About time! Makes me want to work harder to make him happy. :)

Q.T.T. #253

July 31.

California July 21 - July 27

 At least this post isn’t too back logged.

So a little over a week after we got back from our Canada road trip, Ngoc and I kind of semi planned another trip. We had no idea where we wanted to go or what to do. All he knew was that he wanted to go on one last vacation before he enters the “adult life”. From August 4th til I get a job (2ish years from now), he’ll be working those 9-5s and having lunch with his coworkers laughing over weird adult/office jokes. I actually have no idea what his work life will be like, but this is what I’ll assume for now.

Anywho, we decided that we were gonna road trip down to Cali because of the sweet deal on the car rentals! Super cheap! You guys should all rent a car one day, super fun to just accelerate the hell out of it. Our car also had great mileage! 40 MPG!! My god, it wasn’t even a Prius.

I guess we figure that after driving over 3600 miles that another 1800 ish would be no problem. It honestly wasn’t tho. We decided that since we a week that we would actually make some stops on the way. We also took the longer route just for fun. We went along the Oregon Coast! I honestly thought I would never get around to this! We also camped along the way and avoided driving at night cause driving at night sucks so much ass.

It was funny when we were camping, I actually pointed out that it was kind of weird cause we’re so used to camping with a group, but it wasn’t weird at all. We did basically the same thing as if we were with more people. It was kinda nice. We camped twice on the way down. The first night we didn’t have problems finding a place to camp, but the second night was crazy! It seemed like every campsite was taken up. We actually ended up camping in someone’s “backyard”. It was a family own campground which was near the other state parks. This was actually not a bad choice because they had hot running water and bathrooms! Awesome!

So on the third day we finally made it to San Fran. Something about flying in makes it more exciting than driving in. Just me? We had no game plan to what do to so we went to fisherman’s wharf. Got our faces drawn, walked around the pier, and then went to grab dinner and ended the night there.

On the fourth day we went to get wonton in Chinatown because we all know how Ngoc is crazy about this shit. Super cheap, like $4 a bowl! Then we made our way down to Santa Cruz!!!! MY GOD! I honestly didn’t think that we would make it this far! They have a huge boardwalk and arcade! We didn’t play many games or go on any rides, but we did spend a lot of time on the beach just chilling. The water was warmer than Seattle’s, no surprise there. We also saw sea lions from afar! Not the cutest animals btw.

It’s crazy when we were driving there, the road was super whiny. It actually drove me a little insane cause it reminded me of the time when we were driving thru the mountains.. 

Before we left Santa Cruz we had sushi and OH MY GOD! SO DELICIOUS! It was everything I ever wanted in a roll! So it was basically a shrimp tempera roll with cucumber, but on top of the roll was a huge stack of slices of salmon, tuna, and albacore! My heart literally melted. If I had to only eat one kind of sushi roll for the rest of my life, the Jenny Roll would be it! I’m currently drooling now.

After that we headed back to San Fran where we felt spontaneous and looked up comedy/improv shows. Lucky for us, we actually found a show and it turned out to be free! They even let you bring our own alcohol in! The whole set was funny. I was laughing so hard at some points. I always thought these things were lame, but it was actually great. Makes me reconsider going to them when I’m back in Seattle. 

Over all it was just a great day, the beach, the food, the improv show, and all with my honey! GAHHHHHHHHH. 

Fifth day? This day was actually our 5 year anniversary so we went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!! It wasn’t Disneyland but it was the next best thing! We went on all the rides! The first one was a water ride! Thank god that they had one! the heat was unbearable! It was 100 degrees, with no slight of getting cooler. I think the temperature peaked at 106? Sweating for dayssss. We ended up going on all the rides! My favorite one was the Superman, it literally made my stomach turn just looking at it. I had to calm myself down cause I was getting to anxious and was thinking about chickening out. The ride went by so fast! We we standing at the gate to wait for our turn and you could see the ride go by but literally wouldn’t feel the wind of it till 2 seconds later!! My god! We wanted to go on a ride called, Kong, but it got stuck… As in people were stuck on the ride… In the heat… Lucky that wasn’t us cause we literally decided to go on a different ride before Kong. Best decision ever. I really would’ve been pissed if that were us. Apparently they were stuck on there for a few hours… WTF.

After the theme park, we traveled our way to Sacramento! We didn’t spend much time here. We were just here for dinner and a place to stay and then head home the next day. On the way there tho, we had to go through a toll bridge which only took passes and cash, which we had nether of. So you know what the toll booth gave us? A fine of $25 because we didn’t have $4 cash.. WTF. Apparently the ticket will be mailed to us, but I don’t know how that’ll work cause we had a rental… So does the rental company just pick up the slack..?! I guess we’ll see.

Anywho, we had a great dinner. Beers and burgers! It was even hot enough to dine outside! The food was amazing.Apparently this is one of the best burger joints in Sacramento! It was funny, when we were waiting outside for our seats, there was a problem at the club right next door and hella cops had to be called. It was good entertainment.

We were going to go to a outdoor movie after dinner but we both felt a food coma coming along so we passed. LOL. The hotel that we stayed in was a Holiday Inn and I can honestly say that I’m impressed. They had great services, comp breakfast, and a huge ass room all for a great price!!! Our room had a mini kitchen and a jacuzzi!! Ngoc couldn’t resist but use it. LOL 

The sixth day? We made our way home. You could not believe how determine of drivers we are. We left Sacramento at 11ish? and were able to make it to Portland around 9. Straight shooting. In Portland we met up with our friend for some good ass fried chicken and biscuits. Drool! It was nice seeing our friend only cause its been a while. Funny dude. Can’t wait till he starts his job in Seattle!

The last stretch is always the worst. It was only 15o ish miles to home, but driving at night is the worst! Cops could be hiding anywhere! But we made it home at like 2am. LOL God, the bed couldn’t have been more comfortable. LOL. We passed out so quick.

Overall the trip was great. I couldn’t imagine spending so much time with a single person (Besides my sister). This also helped proved that I could probably never get sick of him. I really, really like and appreciate that he doesn’t annoy me and listens to the things that I say and want to do.

Time to plan for my Vietnam trip!

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