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Vietnam 2014

Vietnam Day 16.*

September 15.

This is so awkward cause I’m not actually sure what we even did during the day, from what I remember, it seemed like the day started at like 4PM and turned into a long night. Who knows, maybe I was drunk the whole day and didn’t realize it. LOL kidding.

Moving on to when the day actually started. So when my cousin got back from her job, we started to pack our heavy ass boxes in preparation of going home tomorrow. Such a sour task cause I know that I’ll be the one lugging all it off the conveyer belt, but it had to be done. So much packing while my mom sat around, as usual. We wrapped them all up, labeled them and then had dinner. Tonight’s dinner, everyone that was family and in the city was there. It was nice to have one big dinner before we left. I wish it was like this all the time…

Afterwards, we cleaned and just sat around talking. There was an errand that we had to run and I got to tag along. For some reason I love Vietnam a lot better at night, less traffic, hella lights and just more intimate in a weird way (Wish Ngoc was here so we could go on a amazing date lol!). Anywho, got to do that and talk to my cousin’s husband and learned more about our family and how it’s changed traditions since the passing of our grandma.

When we got back to the house after the errands, we went downstairs where there were a bunch of my cousin husband’s homies and drank. What a great way to end the last night in Vietnam! They asked a lot of question about American and what was so great about it and all that jazz. I honestly told them that, yeah there’s a lot of opportunities in the U.S., but also told them that for me I was lacking a lot of family and that made all the difference of being in there and here in Vietnam. It kinda really sucks to know that you have a lot of family but you can’t be with them.

While in the mist of telling them this, my cousin’s husband reassured me that regardless when I come back, whether it’s next year or 20 years from now that I’ll always have a place here in Vietnam. That whenever I come back that I’ll be love and treated like any other family member. That was really nice of him to say cause I’ve always wonder what happens when my mom passes. Like will things still be the same? Sigh. Hearing things like that makes me never want to leave and be away from my family.

The rest of the night involved more beers and drunkness. Lol I wish I had a picture to document this day, but I don’t, but I’ll forever remember it.

Vietnam Day 14. Dam Sen Waterpark!

Vietnam Day 14. Dam Sen Waterpark!

Vietnam Day 14.

Haircut before and after. Notice how my head got bigger…

Vietnam Day 13.

September 12

(This picture just happened to be taken that day. Cutest baby ever!!)

Today was actually kinda of nice cause we didn’t actually do anything. We spent most of the day just hangout at my cousin’s place. We decided late in the afternoon that it was probably a good idea to not be  fatasses and go outside for a walk if anything.

For some reason I was really craving French fries… Like a crazy craving! So my sister and I headed to the KFC. The fries weren’t as good as Micky D’s but it did its job. Afterwards my sister wanted ice cream so we tried to find an ice cream shop but found nothing so we settled for a convenience store which had a pretty decent selection. I got green tea and my sister got tiramisu, both pretty good for what it was. We just headed home afterwards and got pretty lucky cause it literally started to pour right afterwards. Like flooding rain. LOL

Oh right, note from this morning. I have a second cousin? (My cousin’s baby) I guess she’s technically a toddler, anywho! She has daycare 5 days a week and usually she’s obedient when it comes to getting ready to head out and go, but since there’s people home she wanted to stay home from daycare. Yesterday, my cousin already let her stay home and telling her that if she stays home today then she has to go to daycare tomorrow, she agreed to it but when the time to finally go this morning she was so out of hand. Like I’m talking about crying for an hour, refusing to get out of bed, trying to hide and so on. So my cousin decided to bribe her to go, when that didn’t work she started to threaten her, like taking away her snack, not buying her toys ect. That didn’t work either so my cousin resorted to hitting.

MY GOD! ABOUT FUCKING TIME. Yeah, I’ve been wanting her to get spanked and whipped for so long now! She’s such a spoil brat and an ass. She’s so inconsiderate and a needy fat ass. I know she’s still young but god dam, learn some respect. Anywho, my cousin gave her a good beating. Her daughter is such an ass that she actually hit my cousin back. Like what the fuck. Anywho, I don’t like child abuse, I just thought it was about time. I felt the need to include this.

Vietnam Day 17.

September 16.

The last day is always the hardest day. I hate ending a vacations, sometimes I wish it was a staycation. Sometimes I regret not being able to live here and be a true citizen with a job, friends, hobbies, and family. Sigh.

Anywho, today was pretty hectic, my sister and I didn’t cross off all the things we needed to get for our friends so we had to wake up early to make sure we could hit the stores and get everything. But before that, I gotta get my morning coffee! Got invited by my cousin’s husband, his brother and my uncle to coffee and we just chilled for a bit.

After that my sister and I headed to the store to get everything. Lucky we got everything. Even my watch! What a challenge, I honestly gave in cause I stopped caring about the price and just wanted the watch. One of the stores where I tried to barging from remembered me and actually wouldn’t budge on the price. Smh, oh well whatever. When we caught a taxi home we actually got bopped for the price, I swear that his meter was broken cause the meter was literally jumping every block. Like the fuck. Fuck that guy.

Anywho, we eventually got home and then made sure that everything was in place and ready to go cause there’s always that fear that something is being forgotten. We had one last family lunch while watching “How To Train Your Dragon 2”. LOL Swear the males in the family were more interested in the movie than actually eating. Funny people. After that we packed into two van taxis and headed towards the airport….

Some bullshit actually happened at the airport, apparently some of our bags were overweight which wasn’t true at all. Apparently if you hand carry 30 pounds in bound, you can’t do the same back, EVEN THO YOU’RE USING THE SAME FUCKING AIRLINE TO RETURN. Moving on, after that complication, we headed back out to the general drop off area where our cousins were waiting to say bye. We got to spend about 30 minutes with them before we had to head to the terminal.

We took a few pictures, some last words, some awkward hugs and handshakes. Lol, I hugged all my cousins! They’re so weird, but they must think I’m a weird for being so affectionate. One of my cousins actually started to cry, she always cries when we leave. She’s so sweet. I always miss her the most.

This is the reason why I hate leaving. I feel like it’s so unfair that I only get to see my family every few years. I hate that I can’t celebrate birthdays, holidays or just regular days with them. I guess the payoff is being an American. As much as I want to uproot my whole life and live with these people, I don’t think I ever could. There’s so much that I don’t know… like the language for starters, how to ride a moped around, and traditions and so on. I guess I can learn but it’ll never be enough. Sigh. I guess that even tho it’s really bittersweet this is just how it’s gonna be, me flying 14+ hours every now and then to visit family for a short two ish weeks. God that just sounds horrible.

On a little brighter side of news. I will always forever love my cousins and would never trade them for anything. I’m glad to see them doing well and better every time I return. I’m thankful to have an uncle who loves me and drinks with me, even when my mom is giving him the death glare, I’m also thankful to have another place I can call home even tho it’s thousands of miles away and separated by an ocean.

Until next time.

Vietnam Day 15.

September 14.

Today was interesting. We were actually acting like tourist. We booked a tour guide and everything. So the place that we were heading was called Mango Island, ironic because they had a bunch of coconut things there. Idk maybe my cousins got lost somewhere in translation.

Anywho, the tour was transported by boat and we went from island to island and each island was something a little different. For example, on one island we would watch a performances or sampling foods. On another island, we would go on an even smaller boat ride or ride a horse or feed gators. It was a very strange and unique tour.

Before we went home, we ventured out to the snake park… where they had snakes for days, Crazy that they actually had so many.

Anywho, I think my favorite event would have to be the small boat ride, that river was so cramped by the rowers? Were able to navigate around each other and cruse on. It was actually super smoothing.

A little side story from today. My cousin’s toddler, the one that I mentioned before about getting beat? Well during dinner our server went around asking for what we wanted to drink, most people said soda, some said beers and but my cousin’s toddler wanted Redbull. Okay, whatevers. Anywho, for some reason, there was a seat change at some point with my cousin’s toddler and her dad and they accidently switched drinks… He was drinking a beer. They were kinda the same color. Anywho, my cousin’s toddler ended up drinking a big gulp of the beer because that’s how she consumes everything and ended up getting tipsy? And threw up. Slow clap. I mean, she was fine after she threw up but yeah…

Vietnam Day 12.

The day I felt like a princess.

Vietnam Day 14.

September 13.

One of the best days in the city! So today was my cousin’s first day off of work! She’s been pretty busy since we left the countryside and now it’s finally the weekend! My sister and I couldn’t go too far by ourselves cause we usually have no clue where to go or where it’s safe to go. But with her we can go anywhere!

Today we go to the waterpark!! MY GOD! Forever perfect weather! Today was less humid so it was awesome! We played in the wave pool for a bit and even went on rides. They even had these watersides which was pretty surprising. The water rides were actually pretty nice! Better than Wildwaves, hands down!

We went on this tube ride that was just a huge slide, there were times on there were I thought I was gonna slip out of the tube cause I was so close to the edge, the only downfall of the slide was that it landed pretty hard…. Like I got water up in my nose. There was this other ride that involved 3 people and it was in a tube and there was this big drop and we weren’t back in forth, the drop was about 2+ stores… My god. Glad I didn’t have to sit in front.

For the first time all trip, I actually didn’t get bothered by my cousin’s kid. She wasn’t annoying, she didn’t whine, she acted just like a kid. I actually played with her without spite. LOL I sound like a bully.

Anywho, my cousin isn’t that much older than me but she acts like an adult that has to do adults things cause of her age, but today we go her to go on one of the rides and she was screaming the whole way down, pretty funny. But I’m glad she went on a ride instead of sitting on the side babysitting.  

My sister and I also got haircuts. I really wanted to do something different, maybe even shorter with some color. When I actually got to the salon and they asked what I wanted I told them shorter and color, but they said that it was a bad idea because I had such nice hair… What the f? For reals tho…? So the stylist decided to jusr trim my hair. They really refused to color it. SMH. My cousin was totally with them too. I’m forever sad.

Vietnam Day 12.

September 11.

So much of the day was lounging… LOL You can only explore the city so much. I mean Saigon is a lot like New York, plenty of restaurants, attractions, shops, ect; BUTTTTTTT unlike New York, Saigon has a lot of weird alleyways and hella robberies. So the places where we can actually go out by yourselves were limited.

After lunch we headed out to the city in search of postcards and bubble tea, surprisingly the bubble tea place was easy enough to find, but the postcards were a missions. It’s like you see something all the time until you actually need it. Idk how long we were at the bubble tea place but we wrote a couple letters there and were able to dodge a rainstorm! Saigon’s down pour doesn’t play. After the sun came back out we headed to the famous Saigon Central Post Office!

Pretty cool building. For some reason I was surprised that they had postcards and other souvenirs in there… Idk why I was surprised. Lol We spent a good hour or more in there writing letters and just checking the place out. They still had these awesome phone booths! They were still useable! But with updated phones. When we stood in the phone booth we realized that there was AC in there and nowhere else in the building… Like what the f. I guess some people have some long and important calls…

On the way out we spotted a Popeye’s and Dunkin’ Doughnuts! MY GOD! So tempted, but we figured that we should save it for the airport. Lol We spent a good amount of time walking towards the city center in search of a good place to eat. Literally almost gave in to the Micky D’s LOL! But we ended up eating some where local, I forgot the name but it was a pho place with AC! And honestly that’s all that mattered.

When we were about to get the check the funniest thing happened, the server handed us our check and then said, “1-2-3 hehehe”……………. (The cost of the meal was $123.00) I literally laughed out loud. That was so unprofessional of him, but I didn’t care cause it was so like the people here to just feel homey with each other and be able to joke with each other.

Later that night our cousin wanted to go to the store so we tagged along, it was the first time my sister has seen anything in Vietnam at night and she thought it was pretty cool how active it was for the time. After the store they took us to get bubble tea! It was called -18 degrees… Don’t know why it’s call that, it’s not even clever… So yeah. Anywho, turned out that the bubble tea was buy one get one free so it tasted that much better!

My cousin’s daughter got her own bubble tea, no surprise cause she’s a fat ass and she ended up lodging a boba in her throat. My theory was that her fat ass drank too fast and her stomach couldn’t handle the volume and she ended up yaking. She yaked the whole thing and some. Idk why everyone started laughing, but hey it was kinda funny so we all laughed. Swear this could be considered as child abuse. Lol…. Oh well.

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