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July 12. 

Ngoc and I have this mutual friend. One of our friend has a girlfriend that I would be willing to cast off a cliff, banish, or just plain out slap in front of everyone. I know that physical violence isn’t the answer, but it’ll make me feel a hell of a lot better. 

What she does that bothers me is that she treats her boyfriend like a little bitch. I am truly embarrassed that I know a person like her and that I’m associated with her. I don’t see her often, but when I do, she adds to the list of things that I hate about her. 

I hate that she: 

she whines in public to her boyfriend

has to have it her way with everything, even if its against the majority 

she refuses to leaves her bf sides at all occasions

this was the most insulting incident, we were at a restaurant for a friend’s birthday and she ended up sitting next to me and I was sitting next to the end. So the only people I could talk to was her and the person in front of me. Tell me how she sat next to me the whole time only to have the majority of her back facing towards me and not saying shit to me. How fucking rude.  Two fucking hours I had to pretend like I was having fun basically eating by myself. Fuck that shit. Fuck her. 

You know what the sad part is? The bf is totally oblivious to it. Many people have even told him and yet he’s so denial saying that it’s just how they are together and that they’re deeply in love. Apparently I’ve been loving the wrong way. 

Honestly his life, it it were up to me I would’ve dropped him and his dumb ass girlfriend a long time ago. I usually accept people’s significant others but not this one. 

And he calls himself a man. SMH.

Yellowstone National Park.  #roadtrip #takemeback #bisonseverywhere

Yellowstone National Park. #roadtrip #takemeback #bisonseverywhere

# takemeback# bisonseverywhere# roadtrip
Q.T.T. #251 Part 3

June 29. 

This is probably the most parts I’ve done for a post, but this is the last one. I promise. 

So in a few days I’ll be going to Canada with Ngoc’s family. ROAD TRIP! But we’re not going to B.C., we’re actually going to the other side of Canada!! We’re going to be gone for a week on the road. I’m so excited to see what else in in this country, aka, Eastern Washington, the tip of Idaho, all of ‘exciting’ Montana, and some of North Dakota. I’m pretty sure that I’m not gonna see much of anything except farmlands, but it’s okay, I wanna see it anyways. 

The way I see it is if I can spend two weeks in the farmlands with Ngoc’s mom than I can do anything. LOL. She’s not that bad, I just have a hard time communicating with her. That language barrier. 

The only good news I got in the last month would have to be my acceptance letter? I got accepted into my bachelor’s program at Bellevue. Finally working on my last two years! It would’ve be only one year if they let me take the courses I wanted to instead of cock blocking me with all these stupid prereqs that are unrelated. Whatever, it is what it is. All I know is that I’m never going to have a full load, sigh. I also have the comfort of knowing that I’ll be getting my bachelor’s before my sister. Thank god. 

For a bit I was a little worried that I wouldn’t get into the program because I might have been missing something. I was also worried that my GPA wasn’t high enough because the other student were older adults who took school more seriously and did significantly better. I’m talking about like 4.0’s and shit. Did I mention that the program only accepts 30-40 students a year? Yeah, just a little stressful. I would’ve cried if I didn’t get into my program. I’m glad that I was able to pull through and get in. I’ve been speaking to the head manger of the program and she said that prospects for jobs are really high due to Obamacare and expanding hospitals everywhere. GOD BLESS. That’s what I wanted to hear. But yeah! I’m in. Winning. 

Q.T.T. #251 Part 1

June 29. 

What horrible timing. 

So that drug test I went in for for my “promotion”? I passed the test. Surprise, surprise. Drug free! But I already knew that. Anywho, I’m sad to say that I actually didn’t get the promotion, instead I actually lost my job. Fucking. Shit. I lost my job because of my car accident 3ish years ago? THREE WHOLE YEARS AGO. They faulted me on the accident and said that I couldn’t get the job because my record wasn’t clean enough. Umm I’m sorry that I go out and drive to get to places and can’t predict ACCIDENTS. You’re right, my bad. 

I think the hardest part about getting let go was how it happened. I got let go through a voicemail through my contracted agency. They just left a message say that I got “let go”. How fucked up is that? The mature and proper message they should’ve left me was, “we have some important matter we need to discuss with you and would like that you give us a call back”. Not the bullshit voicemail the agency actually left me. Fuck them. Hella pissed off. Still pissed off till this day. 

Anywho, I had called my actual manager and asked him why I got let go before I actually found out myself and he honestly had no idea. He was literally stunned and kinda pissed off cause he like me so much as a worker and person. He said he would get down to the bottom of it, but even he wasn’t able to find out because of privacy reason. Reasonable, but wtf. He was so sad. I was kind of sad to lose a great manager like him. I’ve worked with him for the last 3 years and this was the first year where I felt conformable enough to joke around with him. He also gave me a lot of responsibilities, which was really nice to know he trusted me. (This job is seasonal so its kind of hard to stay connected.)

I’m not gonna lie, losing my job was kind of devastating. I honestly think I went into a short depression. I really needed this job because it was so flexible with my travel plans. You know how impossible it is to get a job when you’re leaving for a week in July and then leaving for a whole month in August.  No employer is going to want a worker who leaves for half the summer. So yeah, as of right now I’m unemployed and been laying low. I also stopped going to the gym because I’ve been so sad? I’m a lot better now, but I won’t hit the gym till I get back from Canada. 

It was also hard to tell people because it was so close to graduation, birthdays, and a lot of celebrations. I didn’t want to be the party pooper. I know my friends wouldn’t care, but I did. So I held out on telling them and posting this. So yeah, here it is. 

I have some good news, but I’ll post it in the next part.



how about getting stabbed

good luck calling for medical attention with a dead phone



how about getting stabbed

good luck calling for medical attention with a dead phone

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Q.T.T. #251 Part 2 

June 29. 

Graduations. Congrats to some of the closest people in my life. My younger sister, my lovely boyfriend, and my best friend! Crazy how they all graduated in the same year, all in the same week. My god, I was actually really relieved when all the graduations were all over. Can you imagine going to 4 graduations in 3 days. MY FUCKING GOD! So tiring, but I’m glad I was there to support them and scream for them. I would post up pictures, but I literally don’t have any of them ever since I lost my camera…. 

Birthdays. Literally just finished up the last birthday of the month yesterday. First, it was my godfathers birthday on the 11th. He honestly thought we forgot about his birthday due to all the graduations and celebrations. He also doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday, but we always try to do a little something for him. This year we decided to combine my sister’s graduation dinner with his birthday dinner, my sister agreed cause she was too wrapped up in finals and graduation. We ate at his favorite restaurant and ordered his favorite dish! We had a lot of presents that he assumed were for my sister, but to his surprised they were for him. We got him two pairs of flamingos. YOU SHOULD’VE SEEN THE LOOK ON HIS FACE!!! He was just baffled. He used to have this plot of being the crazy neighbor who would have accumulating flamingos on his lawn until he had a whole army of them. I thought that it was about time that he started his army. He was so happy and excited. During my sister’s graduation, he was already plotting on how he was going to step them up. SMH. Funny old man. 

My mom’s celebration was yesterday. We all know how much my mom loves seafood so we intended to take her to CrapPot, but the wait was too dam long. An hour to an hour and a half? Are you kidding me, they should really have a RSVP. How lame. We ended up going to SeaStar Restaurant and my mom loved it! Not only did they have plenty of seafood, but my brother’s girlfriend also brought her child with her. My mom went crazy. She was talking to Myra’s daughter the whole time as if the rest of weren’t there. It was kind of funny and sweet. Myra was laughing so hard about how true how crazy my mom is when it comes to little children. My mom got her orchids and at her request, hella Hennessy. Is my mom trying to get turnt up? Kidding.

We also got her an interactive birthday card where if she blew on it, it sing happy birthday. That’s when Myra’s daughter stated to warm up to my mom. Myra’s daughter was so caught up in the birthday card that she kept blowing on it to sing to her. Too cute. 

Great birthday presents for the old timers this year. 

#tbt to Kevin and ChanLeap’s wedding. #WillowsLodge

#tbt to Kevin and ChanLeap’s wedding. #WillowsLodge

# willowslodge# tbt
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