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K.Le turned 4 today!

K.Le turned 4 today!

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scoot scoot scoot

Look at this cute little fucker go



scoot scoot scoot

Look at this cute little fucker go

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Happy 5 years to us! #OregonCoast #Cali #Roadtrip

Happy 5 years to us! #OregonCoast #Cali #Roadtrip

# oregoncoast# roadtrip# cali
Going to be home soon to see this cutie! ☺️

Going to be home soon to see this cutie! ☺️

"You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy." - (via thlnkdifferent)

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Q.T.T. #252

July 28.

July 2-9.

Canada trip.

Omg. I swear I was planning to write about this trip the moment I got back but as you can see it’s been almost 3 weeks since then…. Sigh.

Just the highlights then.


My god. I always kind of bragged about how great/amazing of a driver I am and never really could really test it, but this trip definitely tested me. So Ngoc, his parents, and I went on a road trip all the way to Winnipeg which is a little more than 1,600 miles. EACH. WAY. I’m pretty sure that I drove a third of it if not a little more. The trip there was literally non stop, we made it there in less than 30 hours. We stopped once for a sit down restaurant and the occasional gas stop, but that was it. Never again tho. I’m just gonna fly there next time. I’m pretty sure that Ngoc’s parent’s only wanted me to go so that they had another driver.


So the main purpose of the trip was to attend a wedding. It was Ngoc’s dad’s cousins? So Ngoc’s second cousins? Kind of to really distant connection, but whatevers. Apparently when Ngoc’s family first arrived in America those cousins came to visit them in Seattle so this was repaying the favor? The wedding was really modern, no surprise there. It was an interracial marriage and it was actually really ideal. The bride honored the groom’s parents traditional tea ceremony and the groom honored the brides idea of what she wanted for the reception. Seemed like it worked out really well. Really random, but they dance really weird up there… But they probably say the same thing about us.

The hosts and family.

When we were up there we got to say with Ngoc’s second cousins, they weren’t there most of the time but when they were it was really fun. As usual, the men were sitting in the kitchen drinking, women in living room, younger people in the basement or somewhere out of the way. I don’t even remember what we were talking about, I just remember it being really nice. For a bit I felt like they were my own cousins. I actually thought to myself of how nice it would be to have this every now and then and that’s when I realized that the majority of my cousins are A) overseas B) almost 10 years older than me C) we can’t communicate fluently to each other. Let me let the depression set in now.

The parents were super nice! They made sure that we were as comfortable as we could be! They were literally the best!


I love their architecture over there! The layout of their homes are so compact and spacious at the same time!


This they don’t have. They have no highways so it literally took hella long to get anywhere. For example. You could probably get to south center in 15 minutes from Beacon Hill, give or take depending on traffic, but there it would probably take 30 minutes…. WTF. None of their lights are coordinated and their roads are full of potholes. Cray, cray.


The fucking deers. Swear they’re playing a sick game on drivers. So when you’re driving a very long, deserted highway, you’ll occasionally see a deer sign indicating to pay special attention to deers that might pop up hella randomly on the road. We had a close call when we were driving through Montana when a deer was just chilling in the road and we were going at like 90 mph. Yes, thats over the speed limit, but why the fuck is the deer standing in the middle of the fucking highway in the middle of the night when it has all that open space on either side of the road?! Anywho, from that point on we were all super alert to deers. We actually didn’t see any until we were on the way back through Yellowstone. It was a super narrow road and I literally saw it from a block away and was easily going to avoid it, but I usually make this gasping sound and it literally scared the hell out of Ngoc. I guess he was traumatized from his near car - deer accident.

Ngoc and I have established that it’s a sick game that the deers are playing where the deers are playing chicken with the cars to see who quits first. Sick, sick game.


We actually didn’t get to spend much time here, but it was beautiful. We actually were able to see more than half of it. No deers here, surprisingly. But we did see hella bisons! Like everywhere! They were in the roads, the fields, near the cabins, EVERYWHERE! They’re so cute. I wouldn’t pet one tho. We also got to see a bunch of geysers! Geysers everywhere! I’m a little sad that we didn’t get to see Old Faithful, but I’ll be back one day! 

Ngoc’s mom.

I guess this is the juicy part of the while post. So as many of you should know I’ve been on vacation with Ngoc’s mom before and she kind of left a bitter impression on me, but this time I literally wanted to punch her in her face. She was so offensive. So here’s what happened. Before the wedding, Ngoc’s mom (NM) had strictly told me not to drink at the wedding. Like woman, there’s an open bar and my table is literally the closest one to it, you really think I’m not going to drink? You’re too funny. That wasn’t what ticked me off the most. That night we ended sleepingover at the groom’s and brides (GB) place because we just followed Ngoc’s other cousins. The next morning we had to go to a BBQ and ngoc’s parents were going to pick us up from the GB’s house, but that when we realized that we didn’t have a change of clothes, but guess who came and gave us a change of clothes, NM. She couldn’t have picked more uncomfortable combination of clothes. Khakis and a silk tanktop… Like dude, its hot and humid as hell and she brought me long pants… For reals?! NM has no fashion sense at all. But folks that wasn’t what pushed me over the edge, when we got to the BBQ, she has advised me not to drink there…. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! You fucking think that I’m just going to cozy my way over to the men’s table and just share drinks with them?! Are you fucking serious, I’m smarter than that. I was also hungover from the wedding the night before so I didn’t even like the sight of alcohol. But here’s what pushed me over the edge, while we were at the BBQ, one of the ladys who was also staying where were were had commented on how good my Vietnamese was for someone who wasn’t born there and she also said it was as shame that a lot of younger kids in our generation are losing the language ect, Thats when NM had the nerve to say that the reason why I don’t know Vietnamese fluently is because my mom wasn’t around when I was younger. Alright, alright. Two words for you, FUCK YOU. What the fuck do you know about my family? You have yet to meet my mom or know what we’ve gone through. I’m sorry that my mom raised three children by herself and had to chose working over spending time with her kids. Seemed logical to all of us, keep the lights on, stomachs feed verses quality time and homeless. I’m sorry that there weren’t two parents around to watch us and teach us. Oh yeah, I’m SO SO SO sorry that my mom was educated enough to do that fucking right thing. It’s also not anyone’s fault that none of us we’re born in Vietnam unlike all your kids who have a better sense of the language. When she was making those rude ass comments I literally stood up and walked away, couldn’t take anymore of her shit. I literally wanted to punch her in the face and say at least both of my parents finished school and were super successful in Vietnam unlike her and her uneducated farmland ass. Say what you want about me, don’t fucking talk about my mom.

Calming downing now. lol Anwho, overall the trip was great except those incidents with NM. Made me realize what I want with my future and my family. I want to be able to have those huge family gatherings and children running ever where and the booze open to everyone, except the pregnant.

I feel like I’m forgetting something… I guess I’ll add it later if I remember.


July 12. 

Ngoc and I have this mutual friend. One of our friend has a girlfriend that I would be willing to cast off a cliff, banish, or just plain out slap in front of everyone. I know that physical violence isn’t the answer, but it’ll make me feel a hell of a lot better. 

What she does that bothers me is that she treats her boyfriend like a little bitch. I am truly embarrassed that I know a person like her and that I’m associated with her. I don’t see her often, but when I do, she adds to the list of things that I hate about her. 

I hate that she: 

she whines in public to her boyfriend

has to have it her way with everything, even if its against the majority 

she refuses to leaves her bf sides at all occasions

this was the most insulting incident, we were at a restaurant for a friend’s birthday and she ended up sitting next to me and I was sitting next to the end. So the only people I could talk to was her and the person in front of me. Tell me how she sat next to me the whole time only to have the majority of her back facing towards me and not saying shit to me. How fucking rude.  Two fucking hours I had to pretend like I was having fun basically eating by myself. Fuck that shit. Fuck her. 

You know what the sad part is? The bf is totally oblivious to it. Many people have even told him and yet he’s so denial saying that it’s just how they are together and that they’re deeply in love. Apparently I’ve been loving the wrong way. 

Honestly his life, it it were up to me I would’ve dropped him and his dumb ass girlfriend a long time ago. I usually accept people’s significant others but not this one. 

And he calls himself a man. SMH.

Yellowstone National Park.  #roadtrip #takemeback #bisonseverywhere

Yellowstone National Park. #roadtrip #takemeback #bisonseverywhere

# takemeback# bisonseverywhere# roadtrip
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