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Yeeeeeeeeess, finally taking him here! 😊 (at Buffalo Wild Wings)

Yeeeeeeeeess, finally taking him here! 😊 (at Buffalo Wild Wings)

Q.T.T. #245 

April 2.

So what do you want to read first? Want to read about how I didn’t make the Dean’s List or how I didn’t make the Dean’s List? SIGGGH.

A little bitter how I was so close yet so far. God dam man, literally .07 away! Whyyyyy?! That’s literally one sign away. It was between a minus and a solid or a solid to a plus. SIGGGHH. I guess I can’t really complain. I really did minimal studying and flash studied everything for the final, but still! Anywho, I guess this is motivation to try a little harder next quarter and at least I know that I finally found my calling. 

Moving on, Ngoc arrived back into my arms where he’ll be trapped for the reminder of his life. MUHAHHAHA. I really don’t understand why people think I’m joking when I say that… Yeah… Anywho, he came back from his wonderful trip and had great things to say about it, too bad he hasn’t said much about it cause he’s jetlag, sick, and Spring quarter just started… JUST TELL ME! Jeezzz.

That isn’t the important part, the significant thing that he told me when he got back was that he wanted to travel more. This is literally an “OMG” moment. For the longest time I swear he thought I was insane for always dumping money on trips everywhere and now he understands why I do it. He also said that he want to sleep at regular hours and wake up early and go jogging… This is jaw dropping! For some reason when he said this I thought of the Underwoods from “House of Cards”, who knows we might be a power couple one day cause I’ll be dammed if I’m not wearing the pants in my dam house.

I’m just gonna end it here cause its late. 


15 seconds of all the songs I could find that sync with this gif


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Me and my sister at her UW congratulatory dinner. #NationalSiblingsDay #fiveevers

Me and my sister at her UW congratulatory dinner. #NationalSiblingsDay #fiveevers

# fiveevers# nationalsiblingsday
Q.T.T. #246

April 7.

So it’s already April and I have yet to solidify any on my summer plans, how concerning… I guess it’ll all work out. Worst case scenario, I stay in the states and travel here. First world problems, I know.

Anywho, today was interesting. My friend was begging me to take a mini vaycay with her up the Vancouver today so we decided to go hella last minute. She works 40 hours a week and usually doesn’t stray too far from the city or her usual activities so I decided to just go along with it.

I remember when we first went on our first trip up the Vancouver, we were just high schoolers, I was a sophmore and she was a junior. I remember I had to prepare a letter signed by my mom just in case the boarder didn’t let a minor across without their parents. Good times, now here we are, adults in our early 20’s. Time does fly. 

When we got up there, it was the normal shenanigans. Get lost, assume directions, drive aimlessly, find a interesting/random places to eat, and shop. That’s the usual itinerary.

On the way up there we talked about a lot of things from school, friends, work, travels, and boyfriends. We both established that school will do its thing and get us places. Our old group is nothing to be desired for. Work is just for money, occupation, another line for our resume. Travel takes hella priority in life. Our boyfriends will probably be “da 1” and that we’ll probably be each other bridesmaids! Pretty much summed up what we talked about the whole way.

To end it , it was just nice catching up with her since she’s usually pooped by the time she gets off shift.

In other news, Spring quarter starts tomorrow but not really… I literally have class once a week… 2 hours total… on Friday. But I have a 160 hour externship to do, which will probably be in the dead of night so yeah… Nocturnal life here I come. When it comes to be physically at school, I think I might be at work more than school. Not surprising tho.

I feel like there was another topic to write about… Well tomorrow is suppose to be a super sunny day and I honestly have nothing to do… If only I had my DSLR. Sad life.

Got it. I got invited to my first bridal shower… WTF! PEOPLE ARE ARE GETTING MARRIED LEFT AND RIGHT! Kidding, I think she’s like 5 years older than I am so it makes sense. Anywho, I honestly don’t know the rules to bridal showers, but thank god that I have my brother’s girlfriend, she’s literally teaching me the ways. I hope I can make it just to see what it’s like. How come its the week that I’m working a lot is when a lot of things are happening? I’m literally free all next week. Oh well. It should be fun and memorable. CAN”T WAIT!


Pompeii Bastille - Madilyn Bailey (Acoustic Cover)

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